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Crafting the Perfect Engineering Internship Resume (With Sample)

Female engineering student sitting for an interview with a potential employer

Unlock the door to your dream internship with a resume that captures attention and showcases your potential.


Embarking on the journey to secure an engineering internship? The key to unlocking this opportunity lies in your skills and how you present them. According to Graff (2021), a staggering 75% of resumes never get seen by human eyes due to improper formatting or lack of keywords. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of creating a compelling engineering internship resume, ensuring you’re well-prepared to stand out in the competitive landscape.

In today’s job market, engineering internships are a critical stepping stone to a successful career. With the right internship, you can gain invaluable hands-on experience, network with professionals, and transition to a full-time role. Zippia reports that 70% of interns are offered positions at the same company they interned for. But first, you need to get your foot in the door with a resume that speaks volumes about your potential.

Section 1: The Optimal Format for Your Engineering Internship Resume Do:

  • Opt for a reverse chronological format: This format highlights your most recent experiences at the top, making it easy for recruiters to scan your qualifications. For instance, if you’ve just completed a relevant course or project, it’ll be the first thing they see.

  • Maintain a Clear Layout: Use clear section headings, ample white space, and a professional font like Arial or Calibri, ensuring easy readability.

  • Choose the Right File Format: Save your resume as a PDF to maintain consistent formatting across different devices.


  • Overdo Graphics: Excessive graphics or colors can distract from your content. Please keep it simple and professional.

  • Use Tiny Fonts: A font size of 10-12 points ensures your resume is readable without straining the eyes.

  • Exceed the Ideal Length: Keep your resume concise, ideally 1-2 pages, focusing on the most relevant information for internship applications.

Sample Well-Structured Resume:

[Your Name]
[Your Contact Information (Phone, Email, LinkedIn Profile - Optional)]
[Summary/Profile (Optional)]: A brief overview of your skills and career goals.
* Bachelor of Science in [Your Engineering Discipline] (Expected Graduation Date)
* [University Name, Location]
* Relevant Coursework: Mechanics of Materials, Thermodynamics, Circuit Analysis
* GPA: [If 3.5 or above]
* Technical Skills: Programming Languages like Python, CAD Software
* Soft Skills: Teamwork, Communication, Problem-Solving
[Experience (Optional)]
* [Job Title] at [Company Name] ([Dates of Employment])
* Key Responsibilities and Achievements
[Projects (Optional)]
* [Project Name]: Brief description, your role, and skills used.
[Awards and Honors (Optional)]
* [List any relevant awards or scholarships]
[Languages (Optional)]
* List any additional languages you speak fluently.
* Available upon request.

Section 2: Writing a Targeted Engineering Internship Resume Objective Do:

  • Craft a Specific Objective: Tailor your objective to the internship, highlighting relevant skills and expressing your desire to gain practical experience.

  • Quantify Achievements: If applicable, showcase your accomplishments with numbers, like “Designed a solar-powered vehicle prototype that won 2nd place in a university competition.”


  • Use Generic Statements: Avoid clichés and focus on what you can offer the company.

  • Focus on Salary or Benefits: The objective should highlight your contributions, not your expectations.

Sample Objective for an Engineering Internship Resume with No Experience:

Driven and analytical Electrical Engineering student with a passion for renewable energy solutions. Seeking an internship at [Company Name] to apply my academic knowledge in real-world scenarios and contribute to innovative projects in the energy sector.

Section 3: Highlighting Your Education Over Work Experience Do:

  • Emphasize Relevant Coursework: List courses that align with the internship’s requirements and explain how they’ve prepared you for the role.

  • Showcase Academic Achievements: Include honors, Dean’s List recognitions, or significant research projects.


  • List Every Course: Focus on the most relevant coursework and its connection to the internship.

  • Include Irrelevant Information: High school achievements or unrelated extracurricular activities can be omitted.

Sample Highlighting Education (No Work Experience):

* Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Expected Graduation Date)
* [University Name, Location]
* Relevant Coursework: Advanced Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Energy Systems Design
* Dean's List: Fall 2021, Spring 2022

Section 4: Writing an Engineering Internship Resume With No Work Experience Do:

  • Focus on Transferable Skills: Highlight skills from volunteer work, part-time jobs, or academic projects relevant to engineering internships.

  • Quantify Achievements: Describe the impact of your actions with numbers whenever possible.


  • Overlook Soft Skills: Soft skills are crucial for success in engineering internships. They enable you to collaborate effectively within teams, communicate technical concepts clearly, and adapt to new challenges in a fast-paced environment. Other soft skills employers look for include time management, adaptability, and critical thinking.

Sample Highlighting Skills with No Work Experience:

* Technical Skills: Proficient in Python, familiar with CAD tools like SolidWorks and AutoCAD
* Soft Skills: Demonstrated leadership as captain of the university robotics team, problem-solving solid abilities developed through participation in hackathons

Section 5: Making Your Skills Section Stand Out Do:

  • Tailor Skills to the Internship: Match your skills with the requirements listed in the internship description.

  • Use Action Verbs: Use dynamic verbs like “engineered,” “programmed,” or “designed” to describe your skills.


  • List Generic Skills: Be specific about your skills and how they apply to engineering.

Sample Skills Section for an Engineering Internship Resume:

* Technical Skills: Advanced proficiency in MATLAB, working knowledge of ANSYS for finite element analysis
* Soft Skills: Effective communicator, adept at collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, and proven time management skills from balancing academic projects with part-time work

Section 6: Adding Other Sections to Your Engineering Internship Resume Do:

  • Include Relevant Projects: Highlight projects that demonstrate your engineering skills and interests.

  • List Awards and Honors: Include recognitions showcasing your engineering or leadership achievements.


  • Overdo Hobbies and Interests: Only include those demonstrating skills or a passion for engineering.

  • List Irrelevant Certifications: Focus on certifications related to engineering or relevant software programs. Certifications like a Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) are pertinent and valuable to include.

  • Include Irrelevant References: Unless requested, avoid mentioning references in your resume. State “References Available Upon Request.”

Sample for “Adding Other Sections”:

Automated Solar Panel Cleaner
Personal Project, January 2024 - Present
- Designed and prototyped an automated cleaning system for solar panels to increase efficiency.
- Utilized Arduino for control mechanisms and conducted field tests to validate the design.
[Awards and Honors]
First Place, Warman Design and Build Competition, Campus Level
University of Engineering, September 2024
- Led a team to design a device for a specified task, winning against 15 other teams.
German: Intermediate Proficiency (B1 Level)
- Completed a German language course focused on technical and engineering terminology.


Crafting an engineering internship resume is a strategic process that showcases your strengths, skills, and potential. Following this article's guidelines and examples, you can create a resume highlighting your qualifications and capturing hiring managers' attention.

We’ve provided an engineering internship resume template based on the tips discussed to get you started. Feel free to download it and tailor it to your needs. Additionally, don’t forget to visit our internship forum for the latest openings and opportunities to connect with other aspiring engineers. This is your chance to take the first step towards an exciting engineering career!

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Download DOCX • 20KB


Mechanical Engineering Internship Resume Sample:

[Jane Doe]
Contact Information
- Phone: (123) 456-7890
Aspiring Mechanical Engineer with a solid academic background and a proven track record in design and analysis. Winner of the campus-level Warman Design and Build Competition and holder of a Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) certification. I seek to apply my skills and knowledge in a dynamic engineering internship.
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering  
University of Engineering, Expected Graduation: May 2025
- Relevant Coursework: Machine Design, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics
- GPA: 3.8/4.0
Technical Skills:
- Proficient in SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and MATLAB
- Strong understanding of mechanical design principles and material selection
- Experience with finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics
Soft Skills:
- Excellent problem-solving and analytical abilities
- Effective communication and teamwork skills
- Leadership experience and project management
Mechanical Engineering Intern  
ABC Engineering Firm, June 2023 - August 2023
- Assisted in the design of HVAC systems for commercial buildings
- Conducted thermal analysis and contributed to improving system efficiency by 10%
- Collaborated with a team of engineers and attended client meetings
Warman Design and Build Competition  
University of Engineering, September 2024
- Led a team of four students to design and build a device for a specified task
- Won first place at the campus level for innovative design and efficient performance
Capstone Project: Automated Recycling Sorter  
University of Engineering, January 2025 - Present
- Developing an automated system to sort recyclable materials using machine learning
- Conducting research on material properties and sorting mechanisms
Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA)  
SolidWorks Corporation, March 2024
[Awards and Honors]
- Dean's List: Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Fall 2022
- First Place, Warman Design and Build Competition, Campus Level, September 2024
- Fluent in English
- Intermediate proficiency in Spanish
Available upon request.


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