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Making Every Class Count


Covering SPM, IGCSE, A-Level, and Pre-Uni and University, our notes are concise and easy to understand, aiding mastery in key concepts. Senpai Corner is Malaysia's premier home tuition service. Our passion is fostering personalized and effective student learning. We offer comprehensive mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and English tuition from primary to university levels.


Explore our YouTube channel for invaluable video walkthroughs, enhancing problem-solving skills across diverse questions.


At Senpai Corner, we transform learning with cutting-edge virtual reality technology. Our immersive VR lessons make education engaging and interactive, allowing students to explore complex concepts firsthand. This innovative approach enhances understanding and retention, making learning enjoyable. Join Senpai Corner, where the future of education meets today's students' needs.


From online courses to mock exams, our services and products are designed to prepare you for success. Our friendly and qualified tutors tailor their methods to your learning style. Get regular feedback and guidance to overcome challenges and excel in exams. Whether it's homework, revision, or test preparation, Contact us today to discover how we can help you make every class count.

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Our Back

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Personalized. Friendly. Quality Education.

From a young age, my passion for teaching and learning led me to help classmates with homework and explain complex concepts. Recognizing the diverse ways people learn, I aimed to adapt my teaching style to suit their needs.


Deciding to pursue a career in education, I worked as an educator in various institutions. However, the traditional education system's large classes, rigid curriculum, and stressful exams weren't meeting students' needs. Many felt bored, confused, or anxious, hindering their full potential.


Driven to make a difference, I started my own tutoring business in 2013, offering personalized home tuition in Subang Jaya. As a home tutor, I tailor my methods to each student’s learning style, pace, and goals, using interactive techniques to make learning enjoyable. Providing feedback and support, my students not only improved their test scores but also gained confidence and skills crucial for life. Now, alongside a team of passionate educators who are like minded, we've created Senpai’s Corner.


At Senpai’s Corner, we go beyond home tuition, offering the best learning resources and tools to help you excel in exams. Access our notes, video walkthroughs, and various student services and products on our website. Our notes are concise, comprehensive, and easy to understand, covering key concepts, formulas, examples, and exercises for mastery.


Looking for a reliable home tutor near you? Your search ends here. Contact me today to kickstart your journey to academic success and make every class count. But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of my students have to say.


Discover how our home tuition service can help maximize your learning potential. Explore our notes, questionsvideo walkthroughs, services, and products.


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Promising Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way

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Customized Lessons to Fit

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Guaranteed Success

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Personalized Attention

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Available Anywhere, Everywhere

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