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How To Study Smarter 101 (Part 3)

Updated: Mar 5

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In the latest edition of "How to Study Smarter 101", we delve into the Pomodoro Technique, a tested approach for increasing motivation and reducing distractions during study sessions. The Pomodoro Technique involves breaking down study sessions into 25-minute intervals with 5-minute breaks in between, followed by a longer break after four intervals. By adopting achievable goals, reducing distractions, and rewarding yourself, you can optimize this effective study tool.

For SPM exam preparation, you can use the Pomodoro Technique as follows:

  1. Set a goal of mastering one chapter of a subject each day.

  2. Break down the goal into manageable tasks for each 25-minute Pomodoro session, such as reading a section of the textbook, taking notes, or solving related problems in a worksheet.

  3. Minimize distractions by studying in a quiet environment, turning off your phone, or using noise-canceling headphones.

  4. Take 5-minute breaks after each 25-minute session to rest, hydrate, or check social media.

  5. After four Pomodoro sessions, take a 20-30 minute break to unwind and recharge.

  6. Stay motivated by rewarding yourself after each successful session, such as watching a favorite show or indulging in a favorite snack.

  7. Consider joining a study group or working with a tutor for accountability and support.

By implementing the Pomodoro Technique, students can make steady progress toward mastering one chapter of a subject each day. This method improves motivation and reduces distractions, making it a valuable tool for SPM exam preparation.

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